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From the album “Things I Waste My Talent On” by Leanne Owen aka Fawnly


Feels like there’s oceans in between us,
Please don’t leave, I didn’t mean it.
I want to feel your juice inside me,
My lips against your tender body.

Rum ham, rum ham,
Don’t you want to be part of who I am?

And as our fates they drift apart,
You’ll have a place left in my heart.
Clogging up my arteries.
I know forever you’re with me.

Rum ham, Rum ham
Reach for you as far as I can.

You don’t need to pay the troll toll 
To stuff your meat inside my mouth hole.
Oh rum ham, I’ll never let you go.
Won’t desert you like Kate did to Leo.

Come back to me, please don’t leave.
I need a taste of your tender meat. 
Rum Ham, Rum Ham
Don’t you want to be part of who I am?

Dear whole F-ing lord my goodness what in the F of F

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ob meme || [7/7] funny moments

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this is my official stance


this is my official stance

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Blood Orange-Champagne Crème Brûlée
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Sweet almond paste pastry
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